Roti – Caribbean Food

Dhal Puri 罗迪

罗迪 Everyone loves 罗蒂! It is the fast food of the Caribbean, and you can find 罗迪restaurants the world over.


当谈到西印度菜时,人们总是想到混蛋,但Roti是加勒比地区最受欢迎的食物之一。 罗迪早在1840年就由东印度合同工带到群岛。尽管Roti起源于东印度,但已被本地化为加勒比海菜肴。

萨达·罗蒂(Sada 罗迪)



对于不知道的人来说,Roti是一种面粉薄煎饼或薄饼,类似于但不像玉米饼,并且里面充满了各种食物,包括咖喱鸡,山羊,虾,香奈儿(鹰嘴豆)。西印度烤肉主要由小麦粉,盐和水制成。混蛋和克里奥尔酱是咖喱的替代品。这个单词‘roti’在西印度群岛中,也指将炖或咖喱食材包裹在‘roti skin’. In 特立尼达and Tobago various 罗蒂s are served. Popular variations include chicken, conch, beef and vegetable. There are different types of 罗迪including Dhalpouri, Dosti, Bus-up-shut (Paratha ) and Sada 罗蒂.

萨达·罗蒂(Sada 罗迪): 类似于na饼,用塔瓦煮熟。这种类型的早餐在特立尼达非常受欢迎。


帕拉莎·罗蒂: 罗迪made with butter, usually ghee, also cooked on a tava. Oil is rubbed on both sides, then it is fried, giving a crisp outside. When it almost finished cooking, the chef will to mash the 罗蒂 while it is on the tava, causing it to crumble. It is also called ‘Buss-Up-Shut’在特立尼达,因为它类似于‘burst up shirt’.

多斯蒂·罗蒂(Dosti 罗迪): A 罗蒂 where two layers are rolled out together and cooked on the

Dhal Puri 罗迪tava. It is also rubbed with oil while cooking. It is called dosti 罗蒂 because the word dosti means friendship in Hindi. This type of 罗蒂 is eaten in 圭亚那 with a special halva to celebrate the birth of a child.

多斯蒂·罗蒂(Dosti 罗迪)

达普里(Dhalpuri): Popular in Trinidad, this 罗蒂 has a stuffing of ground yellow split peas, cumin (geera), garlic, and pepper. The split peas are boiled and ground. The cumin is toasteduntil black and also ground. The stuffing is pushed into the 罗蒂 dough, and sealed, then rolled flat.


烤: Bakes are similar to 罗蒂, and popular in St Lucia. Shark and bake, also a popular Trinidadian snack. Dough is rolled out and cut into shapes or rolled into small rounds. These can be baked in an oven, but they are usually fried in oil. They are sometimes called frybake. Bake are usually paired with a fryup for breakfast or dinner, or with stewed saltfish.


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